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  • Verson Press -
    Forging Press Cleaning.

  • CAT Engine
    Piston Cleaning

  • Cummins Engine
    Block Cleaning

  • Heavy Earth Movers
    Transmission Block Cleaning

  • Loco Bull
    Gear Cleaning

  • CAT Engine
    Block Cleaning

  • CAT Engine
    Block Interior Cleaning

  • Ortech Men at
    Work During Bull Gear Cleaning

  • Paint Shop
    Grate Cleaning

  • Hydraulic Press
    Die Cleaning

  • Removal of Cardium
    Deposit from Bull Gear

  • CAT Engine
    Block Interior Cleaning

  • Cummins Engine
    Cylinder Head Cleaning

  • Dry Ice single
    Hose Pellet Blaster






It is a process in which dry ice (solid C02) pellets are propelled at supersonic speed, to impact the .... Ortech dry ice cleaning services .... Ortech dry ice blast cleaning machines are designed and developed to give high performance trustworthy... The dry ice blast cleaning applications are as widespread and diverse as industries itself offering incredible...