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1. Decreased downtime and increased productivity with cleaning in palace
With Ortech dry ice blast cleaning, the equipment can be cleaned in-place even it is hot thereby eliminating the time-consuming and labour-intensive steps that are required with other traditional method which includes:
cool down, disassembly, transport of the equipment to and from a dedicated cleaning area, reassembly,reheating time, etc. Thus, this technique decreases the downtime for cleaning from hours to minutes.

2. Reduces waste disposal
With traditional cleaning methods like sand, solvent, steamjet, waterjet, etc the cleaning agent itself becomes a secondary contaminant and must be disposed of as toxic waste along with primary contaminant. However, with Ortech dry ice blast cleaning the dry ice pellet after impact sublimates and goes back to atmosphere without leaving any waste of its own, the only waste created is the contaminant itself. This eliminates significant cost and concern for waste disposal.

3. Extend equipment life by eliminating damage to the equipment
Conventional cleaning method such as sand blasting, glass bead, steel scrapers, brushes and the like leave an abrasive effect on the surface. However, Ortech dry ice blast cleaning uses pellets that are 2 Mohs hard ensuring aggressive but non-abrasive cleaning of surface thus extends equipment / tooling / component life.

4. Faster and cleans more thoroughly
Ortech dry ice blast cleaning equipments have extremely high cleaning speeds that clean thoroughly, and even normally inaccessible parts can be rapidly cleaned that are difficult to reach by hand, brushes or chemicals. This reduces tremendous man-power requirement and cost associated with it.

5. Compact, versatile and saves space
Ortech dry ice blast cleaning equipment being portable / handy can be taken conveniently to the large object to be cleaned and not the other way round. This eliminates the space for dedicated cleaning area.

6. Non toxic, non hazardous and safe cleaning
Ortech dry ice blast cleaning uses dry ice that is non-toxic and as no hazardous chemicals or solvents are used in dry ice blasting, the operators / workers are not exposed to hazardous fumes and other dangers during cleaning as encounter in traditional cleaning methods.

7. Non corrosive, non conductive dry cleaning
Ortech dry ice blast cleaning is non-corrosive and non-conductive as it cleans thoroughly and leaves equipment dry. It does not require water, chemicals, or lubricants for cleaning hence it is the perfect cleaning solution for electrical equipment and other water-sensitive applications.

8. Ecologically friendly cleaning
Ortech dry ice blast cleaning is truly and completely environment friendly as the system uses C02 which is by-product of other industrial processes. If not used it would otherwise be emitted to the atmosphere, thus the process does not produce or contribute additional C02 to environment. In fact our process uses reclaimed C02 that is converted into usable product.

9. Impede bacterial and mold (fungi) growth
Dry ice with its extremely low temperature of -79° C is actually a natural impeder / inhibitor of bacterial and fungal growth. It kills bacteria and mold (fungi) instantly upon contact. Thus,when it cleans, it infact disinfects without the aid of additional chemicals.