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Dry ice blast cleaning is a 3-step process

1. Pellet Kinetic Energy
The dry ice pellets are accelerated to make an impact on contaminant by Ortech delivery system with
supersonic speed, the highest velocities attainable in blasting industries. This impact force of the pellets triggers fracture in the layer of the contaminant.

2. Thermal Shock Effect
The dry ice penetrates and creates rapid temperature difference between the successive micro layers of the contaminants. This produces localized high shear stresses between them which results in speedy micro crack propagation leading to final bond failure at the surface of the substrate.

3. Sublimation (Micro-Explosion)
The combined impact of energy dissipation and rapid heat transfer between the pellet and the contaminant results in instantaneous sublimation of solid C02 into gas, expanding its volume by a factor of 800. The expansion acts as micro-explosion that removes completely the layer of contaminant from the substrate.

4. The Substrate / Surface Remains Clean and Completely Intact