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What is dry ice blast cleaning?

It is a process in which dry ice (solid C02) pellets are propelled at supersonic speed, to impact the surface that is to be cleaned or prepared. The pellets are accelerated by a stream of compressed air in a controlled manner through a blasting machine, just as with other traditional blasting systems (sand, bead, soda, solvent and other blasting). The unique feature of dry ice is its ability to vaporize upon impact leaving no secondary waste.

This process is very environment friendly and provides a fast and effective alternative to traditional methods of cleaning industrial production / process equipment, Tooling and components.

What is dry ice and how dry ice pellets are prepared?
Solid C02 is commonly referred to as Dry Ice. It is produced by allowing liquid C02 to expand to atmospheric pressure which forms dry ice snow. This snow is then compressed and extruded through dies to form pellets and nuggets. At atmospheric pressure, the temperature of dry ice is -78.5�C.