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The focus of integrated data analysis and simulation module is to eliminate the use of multiple application softwares by integrating the following areas of analytics and data mining:
a) Statistical analysis
b) Business intelligence and reporting
c) Simulation
d) Data warehousing
e) Strategic analysis
f) Templating and
g) Advanced algorithms

The output of one system can act as the input to another thereby allowing the analyst to combine a large number of processes and allowing him / her to undertake the analysis at the most granular level. Analysis can be undertaken at the pack, product, manufacturer, class of product, region, city, state or such levels of data that have been uploaded onto the IDASM data warehouse. Connections to several servers can be undertaken to download the relevant data for analysis. The IDASM datawarehouse maintains a separate code for each entry. It also has a facility to identify duplicate entries while also identifying other issues in the dataset.

The training time on any one application software of the IDASM does not cross a few minutes at most. The platform has been so designed in order to limit the number of clicks before an output is derived. Some of the services on the IDASM can include: Promotion optimization, business reporting and intelligence, data warehousing, multidimensional forecasting, multidimensional budgeting, Vendor classification, Business simulation, Shelf space optimization, Client segmentation, statistical analysis (with automatic interpretation of data), database classification trees, spend analysis etc to name a few.

Structured alphabetical data can also be analyzed on the system.

You can download the reference material in PDF form by clicking the below icon:

  • Data Mining Brochure